Why is homework set?
The main reason for homework is to increase the amount of time students can spend on their studies. It will also help students to come to rely on themselves and have enough confidence to be able to tackle any problem. For more information regrding homework at Nightingale Academy, please see our Homework policy.

When is homework set?
Homework is set by each subject depending on the students year group and the school week. Please see below for the homework timetable for each subject: Teachers should set a minimum of 5 hours' independent study/homework per subject per week. Homework/independent study should be set after each taught lesson. 

How Students use the Homework Diary
The homework diary is given to students at the beginning of each term. They are expected to keep a record of their timetable, their homework and their after school activities. Used well it helps our students to become more organised. We think this is a very useful skill for the world of work. There is a place in the diary where students can keep a record of the achievement points they are awarded for all their hard work and  for ‘doing the right thing’. It is also used by students to record their targets within each subject and to keep track of their progress towards their target. Furthermore, it also has space for pupils to record their attendance. Students must keep it safe and bring it to school each day.

How Parents use the Homework Diary
Parents must sign the Homework Diary each week. This is a formal way that parents help us to support our work in the Academy. Parents can use the diary to check on their child’s progress; keeping a watchful eye on homework is being completed, on progress grades, levels and on their child’s attendance. This can be the first indication that there is a problem and any concerns should be raised with the Academy through the Form Tutor. We ask for all parents/guardians to ensure that there is a space for students to complete their homework on a desk or table in a quiet room, away from distractions of television, CDs or DVDs. Please check the homework timetable to ensure your child spreads their homework evenly throughout the week. 

How Academy Staff use the Homework Diary
Academy teachers use the diary as the first point of contact with home. Achievements and concerns will be noted in the diary by subject teachers. The form tutor, who also checks the diary each week and signs it, will also note any concerns raised. They may contact you directly if they feel there are regular problems with how your child meets the Academy expectations or if there is a special cause to celebrate your child’s achievement.

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