Student Responsibilities

As part of the Home School agreement, students have a responsibility to the academy. Students will:

  • Attend the Academy every day and be on time to registration and lessons
  • Wear correct uniform at all times
  • Come to the Academy fully equipped for learning
  • Complete homework
  • Talk to a member of staff if I have any concern
  • Always listen to and follow instructions carefully 
  • Respect myself and others
  • Take care of the Academy building
  • Not use racist, sexist or offensive language or behaviour
  • Make sure mobile phones, hoodies or caps are not heard or seen
  • Take responsibility for my actions and accept any sanctions I may receive
To see the Home School Agreement, please click here.

Nightingale Academy Code of Conduct

  • Do as you are told, when you are told
  • Listen in silence
  • Put your hand up to speak
  • Keep negative comments, hands & objects to yourself
  • Playground Code of Conduct

Playground Expectations

  • Stay in the zoned areas for your year groups
  • Go to your lunch sittings at the correct time
  • Use positive language, do not swear
  • Report any damage to staff on duty
  • Be respectful to others in the playground
  • Only play sports in the correct areas
  • Use the bins provided, do not litter
  • Move towards lessons quickly at the end of lunch Written by students, for students


Timings of the Day 

7:30am - 8.30am 
Breakfast Club

Line Up

Tutor Time/Assembly

9.00am- 9:50am 
Period 1

9.50am- 10:40am
Period 2


11.00am- 11:50am
Period 3

11:50am- 12:40pm
Period 4


13:20pm -14:10pm
Period 5

14:10pm- 15:00pm
Period 6


15:10pm- 16:00pm
Extra Curricular Clubs