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1. Walking the chocolate bar
2. Blackout
3. Snowballs
4. SPAG/Dirt time
5. Stand in the crowd
6. Mystery object - Write down 5 questions about this object
7. Constantinople
8. Write down everything you know under the right heading
9. You have 30 seconds for each...
10.Test your knowledge
12.Alphabet line
13.A B C D 
14.Find the fib
15. What is the difference between these two?
16.Which is the odd one out?  
18.Just a minute
19.You have one minute to explain each of the following key words
20.Fill in the missing words
21.Topic keywords
22. Guess the question
23. Scene-setting
24. All you know
25. Generate and answer
26. Comment follow-up
27. Glass half full or empty
28. Show and tell
29. 5 A side