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Work Experience for Teens

posted 7 Feb 2018, 07:20 by Tim Williams   [ updated 7 Feb 2018, 07:20 ]
Teenagers got a taste of their potential future careers with work experience placements.
Year 12 students from Nightingale Academy, in Edmonton, spent a week going out to work to have a taster
of what their chosen career would be like.
Nikola Michalak is keen to become an architect and so spent her work experience working alongside an
artist. She got to try her hand at 3D printing and custom sculpting.

The Level 3 art and design student said: “I was challenged to come up with six different pieces of art on different themes on the pressures in society and how that affects people. It made me realise that becoming an architect does not mean I have to give up my passion for artwork, I can still do it on the side.”
Nicola Hunt, operational lead for careers and employability, said the feedback she has received from employers has been great. She said: “Students really enjoyed the opportunity to go out into the world of work. As far as possible, we matched students with employers in the field they are keen to work in in future.“We had students working with employers including an optician, law firm, power tool hire company, primary schools and retailers; there was a real mix of placements.
“Since they have taken part in work experience, students have a lot more focus on their studies and they are much keener to get involved with the community; there has been a real turnaround in that sense, wanting to be a part of things. They have also recognised the importance of attendance and punctuality, their communication skills and adjusting their language to their surroundings.”