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Enfield’s Debating Competition – Mayor’s Award 2014

posted 28 Mar 2014, 04:50 by Jessica McGriskin   [ updated 23 May 2014, 06:32 ]
On Wednesday 26th February 2014, The Intervention team took students to Latymer school to take part in the Mayor’s Debating competition. Rabia (10C), Hazal (8A) and Rebecca (8C).  The girls worked extremely hard and attended all sessions after school which was very encouraging. It was a great team effort. The school teams taking part in the competition were:

· Enfield Grammar School

· St Anne’s Catholic High School for Girls

· Southgate School

· Enfield County School

· Latymer School

The girls had to research and prepare both the proposing and the opposing cases for the following two motions;

‘’This house believes that only violent criminals should go to prison’’.

‘’This house would legalise the use of Marijuana’’.

The teams debated before an audience of children, Teachers, and three judges. Judges scored the teams on the delivery of their arguments, the clarity of their speeches, and their knowledge and passion. The girls competed and defeated their rivals and came second place, and have qualified for the finals. This was a fantastic achievement.  Well done girls!

Mr O. Katircioglu
Intervention Manager