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Students create London orchard

posted 5 Jun 2018, 03:18 by Tim Williams
A corner of London is being turned into a leafy hub of enterprise.
Year 8 students at Nightingale Academy, in Edmonton, are working to turn an overgrown area of the school
grounds into an orchard.
Having made a start on clearing and setting up an allotment last year, students in the new gardening club are
taking plans to the next stage.
They are looking to create an orchard of fruit trees as well as growing other produce to sell at Enfield market
in the summer.

The team took a trip to OrganicLea, the community food project in Lea Valley which produces and distributes
food and plants to inspire and support others to do the same, to get further ideas for their plot.
Chef Ruth Quinlan will demonstrate how produce grown by the students can be used with a cooking
masterclass and Blue Peter gardener Chris Collins is also paying a visit.
Alec Laing, assistant vice principal, said: “All of this is giving our students an insight into the importance of
growing their own food, of organic growing and of sustainability.
“A lot of our students live in high-rise buildings without gardens and so have expressed an interest in
learning about gardening at school. The gardening club gives them an opportunity to do something they
would not normally have the chance to do.
“They have shown a commitment to say they will look after the plot and the produce they are growing. They
are getting a sense of ownership because they have created something themselves. They love it.”
The long-term project includes clearing the rest of the site and setting up and outside gazebo to create
another learning space.