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School launches key messages

posted 13 Jun 2018, 05:15 by Tim Williams
Integrity, gratitude and achievement are among the characteristics Nightingale Academy students possess.
The school, in Edmonton, has launched a series of key messages under the strapline The Nightingale Way:
It’s in our DNA to reflect the make-up of its community.
The 11 A2 posters around the school together spell out Nightingale, with key messages under each letter of
the name to demonstrate the culture, ethos and rules the school community lives by.
The posters highlight –
 N – nurturing and neighbourly
 I – integrity
 G – greatness
 H – hope
 T – teamwork
 I – improvement
 N – no excuse
 G – giving and gratitude
 A – achievement
 L – learning
 E – equality

The senior leadership team worked with students to decide which characteristics should be included.
Alec Laing, assistant vice principal, said: “This is our DNA, it’s who we are.
“We discussed the concept with students and asked them what they felt should be the key values for them.
This is the ethos which underpins the work we do and features in every lesson and tutor time.”
The DNA campaign – which was launched on social media - follows on from a recent investment in new
signage and banners to demonstrate the pride felt of the journey of transformation the school is on.