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School kicks out timetable

posted 9 Mar 2018, 09:38 by Tim Williams
The school timetable is thrown out for Edmonton students to focus on personal, social, health and citizenship education (PSHE).

Throughout the year, students at Nightingale Academy, in Edmonton, take part in six drop-down days to concentrate on topics relevant to their young lives.

Sessions tackle issues such as cyber bullying, sex and relationships, sexual health, mental health, cultural diversity, smoking, drugs and alcohol.

Students also pick up skills in first aid, research potential careers and put together CVs, as well as learn exam and revision techniques during the sessions.

Experts are brought in to support teaching staff to deliver these areas of the curriculum, which often take up weekly slots in the timetable in other schools.
The most recent drop-down day this half-term saw:
Year 7 look at physical, emotional and social changes at puberty
Year 8 focus on types of relationships, qualities of relationships, negotiation and assertiveness, sex and the law
Year 9 look at careers education, information and guidance in the lead-up to their option choices
Year 10 look at community and cultural diversity
Year 11 work on their personal statements and CVs, as well as practising interview skills
Year 12 learn revision techniques
Year 13 pick up revision techniques and time management.
Principal Ann Palmer believes Nightingale’s approach enables students to get a more in-depth experience.

She said: “Our drop-down days are about mapping students’ social skills through an alternative curriculum and ensuring we are preparing the whole child for life after school.”