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Primary events at secondary school

posted 31 Oct 2018, 08:40 by Tim Williams   [ updated 31 Oct 2018, 08:45 ]
A secondary school has planned a year of events to give primary school pupils as many opportunities as
Nightingale Academy, in Edmonton, works closely with neighbouring primary schools to ensure the
transition from primary to secondary is as smooth as possible.
As the school continues to improve, it is also looking to encourage pupils and families to consider the school
for their secondary school option.
Each month, there is an opportunity to work on transition, with themes including maths most able,
technology and science, literacy, art, ICT and maths, PE, Spanish, drama and the annual Day in the Life of
Secondary School event.

The school’s calendar of primary liaison this year also includes -
  • Senior leadership team visiting primary schools to give assemblies and introduce pupils to what the school has to offer
  • 20 Edison robots taken into primaries to introduce pupils to basic programming. They are able to build robot bodies out of Lego
  • Year 4 Smash Your SATs event to prepare pupils for their tests
Alec Laing, assistant vice principal, said: “This work is important as not everyone realises the fantastic
facilities we have at school. Our school is tucked away from the main road and people are often surprised at
the excellent and extensive grounds and facilities we have, both inside and out.
“We are keen for as many people as possible to come and find out what cool things go on at Nightingale. By
holding events for local primary school children throughout the year, we hope to not only spread the word
about the wonderful things going on at Nightingale, but to also help them to make that leap from primary to
secondary school.”