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NTA Saturday School

posted 17 Nov 2017, 03:45 by Tim Williams   [ updated 17 Nov 2017, 03:45 ]
Determined students are spending their weekends in school preparing for their exams.
Year 11 students, who will sit their GCSEs in May, are giving up their Saturdays to attend special revision
sessions at Nightingale Academy, in Edmonton.
The science revision classes are aimed at ensuring students reach their full potential and get the top grades
For the first six weeks, students are going over everything they learnt in science in Year 9 before moving on
to content taught in Year 10 for another six weeks.
Mr. Ossembe, lead practitioner in science, said: “The turnout has been amazing for our science Saturday
school. It runs from 9.30am until 12.30pm, but it never ends at that time as they want to stay and do more
work, which is great.
“By the end of December, students will have mastered everything they learnt in Year 9 and 10. We are
already seeing a lot of improvement in their tests as a result. Tests they got 40 per cent in last year, they
achieved 90 per cent in this month because of the revision sessions.
“It’s mainly about tackling their self-confidence and making them realise they can achieve. By the time they
sit their exams, they will be confident of the content they have been taught.”
During Saturday school, students are learning exam skills and sitting practise papers. The extra focus is also having a knock-on effect in normal lessons.
Mr Ossembe said: “Students are so much more focused now. Our set three and four students are asking for
as much work as the set one and two groups and they are all more able to answer questions in lesson. They
are asking for the Saturday sessions themselves now which means they are more in charge of their own
learning. That’s the key to attainment.
“It is really exciting to see the extra effort is paying off. Just for the sake of self-confidence and motivation, it
has been more than worth it.”