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Nightingale students to represent Tottenham Hotspur at Premier League Enterprise Challenge

posted 13 Feb 2015, 01:46 by Jessica McGriskin   [ updated 17 Feb 2015, 03:25 by Web Admin ]
Congratulations to 5 of our Year 10 students for getting through to the Final of the Premier League Enterprise Challenge!

A group of year 10 students have been fortunate to take part in the Premier League Enterprise Challenge. This is an annual competition organised by the Premier League. Tottenham Hotspur hosts a local competition and selects a team to represent them in a regional Premier League event. This is a wonderful opportunity for our young people to be involved in as the students have developed their awareness and understanding of business they have also developed their teamwork skills, research skills, presentation and public speaking skills. The students attended Tottenham Hotspur stadium on Wednesday 11th February and delivered a winning presentation. The judges were impressed with the students’ original idea, teamwork and confidence and have chosen them to represent Tottenham Hotspur in the finals being held at The Emirates Stadium! Mrs Brett and I are extremely proud of the following students: Bulent, Pervin, Ehsan, Valeri and Adam, as they represented Nightingale Academy well and impressed the judges with their professional presentation. We are excited to take them to the finals in March! 
Mrs Yarwood and Mrs Brett 

‘On Wednesday the 11th February my team and I went to Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. We went there to take part in the Enterprise competition. I said that I couldn't do it as I was so nervous but we did do it and we became winners! Thank you to Mrs Brett and Mrs Yarwood.’ Pervin (10D)

‘I went with my team, ‘Nightingale Academy’: Valeri, Ehsan, Pervin and Adam. We loved meeting the judges, it was very interesting and we were happy to be there. When I heard we had won the competition it was the best moment ever, because I have never experienced something like this before. Thank you to Mrs Yarwood and Mrs Brett for being there for us.’ - Bulent (10C)

‘We went to Tottenham Hotspur for a competition. We were nervous but we tried our best. We heard we won on Thursday and it was amazing. We are so happy that we are through to next round. We are going to try our best to win!’ - Ehsan (10E)

‘We went to the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium with my successful team; Bulent,Pervin;Ehsan and Adam. We showed the judges our presentation getting more people to support Tottenham Hotspur. Gareth, from Tottenham Hotspur, told us we would find out who won the competition on Thursday. We phoned Gareth and he told us that Nightingale Academy were the winners! We are so happy and excited to be taking part in the final. I would like to thank Gareth for giving us this brilliant opportunity.’ - Valeri (10C)

‘When I heard we were all going to Tottenham Hotspur I was happy. We took part in a competition with my team Valeri, Pervin, Ehsan and Bulent. We were very nervous before the presentation but we did our best. Today we were very excited to hear if we had won……and we did!’ - Adam (10D)