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Lessons in health, wellbeing and wider world

posted 13 Jun 2018, 05:13 by Tim Williams   [ updated 13 Jun 2018, 05:14 ]
Young people took time out of their usual classes to have a lesson in health, wellbeing and living in the wider
The personal, social, health and citizenship education (PSHE) of students at Nightingale Academy, in
Edmonton, is carried out during a series of six drop-down days throughout the year.
Sessions tackle issues such as cyber bullying, sex and relationships, sexual health, mental health, cultural
diversity, smoking, drugs and alcohol.
Alec Laing, assistant vice principal, said: “Students in Year 10 to 13 came back from their half-term break a
day early to take part in their drop-down day as it enabled us to spend lots of quality time with them doing
the things that take time to work through.”

The most recent drop-down day saw –
 Year 7 look at keeping healthy by taking responsibility, decision-making, diet, exercise and sleep
 Year 8 focus on recognising and reducing risk, getting help in emergency situations and basic first aid
 Year 9 learn about contraception and sexually transmitted infections, sexual health services and safe
 Year 10 study mental health and emotional wellbeing
 Year 11 learn about personal finance, money and saving
 Year 12 find out about student and personal finance with HSBC
 Year 13 learn how to cope with stress and build resilience with the Royal Navy
Year 12 Sabina Duma, 17, said: “The session opened my eyes to real-life situations which an adult would
have to take on, such as taxes and having to deal with your own money. I had not really thought about that
yet; I hadn’t started to consider having to save for things and how much you have to think about it before
you do something.”
Year 13 Archie Loveday, 18, was inspired by the motivational speech from marine Al Morris. He said: “He
was motivating us to keep going and pushing through our exams. It gave me confidence and uplifted me.”