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Jack Petchey Award Winners 2014

posted 15 Dec 2014, 02:05 by Jessica McGriskin   [ updated 15 Dec 2014, 05:46 ]
Below are the winners of the Jack Petchey Award! Congratulations on your astounding achievement

MOLLY (13A)Molly always goes above and beyond her role as a sixth form student, volunteering her support at events, run by the Academy whilst successfully juggling her studies. This has included face painting at the school fete, organising hampers for the elderly and providing refreshments at parents and open evenings. She always is working on improving herself and bringing that same sense of positive energy to everyone around her. She is an excellent Role Model for Nightingale Academy.

Molly demonstrates the fruits of what focus, application, and a joy for learning can bring forth. The staff and students recognise your hard work and enthusiasm and we want to say that it is very much appreciated. 

MURAT (10F): Murat was nominated for being outstanding in many areas. He is an excellent role model to his peers; he always wears his uniform immaculately and boasts a 100% attendance. Murat conducts himself like a perfect gentleman around the school and is very respectful to both staff and his peers alike.

He has also overcome his own personal obstacles which have helped him to mature and take more responsibility for his actions, enabling Murat to focus more on his education. He has demonstrated amazing growth in his academic life, but more importantly, in the social arena.

Murat always rallies and encourages solidarity within his tutor group and is highly respected for this.

KOFI (9E): Kofi is one of the most respected people, not just student, in the school. He is EVERYTHING that a teacher might want or expect in the classroom. Always ready, always prepared, always gives 110% on any given learning opportunity. His work in all areas of his learning has been outstanding.  Kofi comes to school every day with a smile on his face and ready to engage in school community life. He is a steady and committed student, day in and day out often being the last student in the classroom ensuring that he has completed his classwork. Furthermore, when completing presentations, Kofi accepts that it can be challenging for his peers to publicly speak and rather than berating them for not contributing or complaining that he has to do it by himself, he is happy to oblige so as to not make his peers feel uncomfortable. Kofi has faced his own challenges but we believe that he will be one of the most successful pupils to attend Nightingale Academy due to his willingness to work and his brilliant positive attitude towards everything in life.