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Jack Petchey Award Winners

posted 25 Jun 2015, 00:42 by Web Admin   [ updated 25 Jun 2015, 00:43 ]
We would like to congratulate the following students on obtaining a Jack Petchey Award!! 

Ali Can (Year 9)
Ali Can is a model student who is respectful of staff, classmates and school rules. He tries his very best and continuously applies himself in everything he attempts. Ali Can doesn't expect recognition for all his hard work but is always working hard regardless. He is accommodating when he sees another student struggling, and is never afraid to ask for support. Ali Can is a very polite and well-mannered young man who sets an outstanding example for his peers to follow. He is proud to wear his uniform correctly, has 99.1% attendance and always tries hard to be punctual.
He is a model student who cares and strives to do the best that he can. A delight to have in any lesson.

Gualter (Year 8)

Gualter is the winner of this Terms Jack Petchey Award because he is a fantastic student who is always willing to go above and beyond to achieve his very best. He is a very hardworking, honest and dedicated student. Gualter makes the conscious decision to always do what is right. He sets a very high personal standard to achieve, generally staying behind after lessons or returning at break or lunch time to finish his work. Clearly this is why this young man has 270 achievement points. Although he has recently joined Nightingale Academy, his dedication and perseverance has allowed him to make significant progress in all areas particularly in his English skills. He shows continuous focus, maintaining a positive attitude towards his learning. Gualter is an asset to Nightingale Academy and a true role model to his peers.

Mulki (Year 10)
Mulki is the winner of a Jack Petchey Award for her services to Reading Leaders in the LRC: helping to organise students during the session, collecting them from the MUGA and making sure they are registered. Mulki has voluntarily taken on a role more usually carried out by a teacher. She taken charge of the logistics of the daily reading buddying sessions and met with teachers to review the lists of students needing intervention. Alongside this she has re-organised buddy partnerships, created and organised reward certificates, spoken in assemblies to give out rewards and praise student’s participation.
She has been recognised for her outstanding participation in the Carnegie Shadowing Scheme: she has won the top award at Nightingale for the first to finish reading and reviewing all the books for the past two years. Her reviews continue to get better with each one that she writes.
Mulki was also part of the group that won the Guardian Children Fiction Prize review competition in 2014. She is an excellent and discerning reader and a role model for all students.

Kinga (Year 9)
Kinga is the winner of this Terms Jack Petchey Award because she is an amazing young lady who is extremely polite, decent and respectful of her peers, staff and school rules. Every day, you are guaranteed to be greeted with a beautiful welcoming smile, accompanied by a good morning/afternoon or evening. Kinga has an insatiable appetite for reading, often seen losing herself in a good book. She also volunteers her time for reading club, supporting her peers wherever necessary. 
Kinga is a trustworthy, responsible young lady who takes pride in work, performing well in everything that she undertakes.

Greta (Year 7)
Greta is the winner the Jack Petchey Award as she is a delightful young lady who exhibits a passion for learning. She is always enthusiastic and continuously participates in class, putting in effort in all areas of school life.Greta is a very well liked, polite student who assumes responsibility well. She is an inspiration to her classmates, who displays a strong willingness to learn. She takes great pride in presentation whether it is her uniform or school work. She is very supportive of her peers, exhibiting a mature, positive attitude and has been identified as being ‘brave and always willing to undertake new challenges. 

Gradie (Year 7)
Gradie is the winner of this terms Jack Petchey Award as she is an ambitious, self-disciplined, enthusiastic young lady with excellent manners. She is always willing to help support her peers, assist staff and will rise to any challenge that she is faced with. Gradie is an excellent role model for the school in terms of her attendance and punctuality. Her uniform is always immaculate and she is the voice of reason when resolving conflict. Gradie has matured academically and socially since attending Nightingale Academy and she applies the results of her learning in a creative way to achieve her goals.