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Ground Rules Outlined to Students

posted 7 Feb 2018, 07:30 by Tim Williams   [ updated 7 Feb 2018, 07:31 ]
A multi-cultural school has outlined its ground rules to the newest students.
Nightingale Academy, in Edmonton, teaches students from dozens of different backgrounds and cultures,
with 75 per cent having English as an additional language.
Year 7 spent an afternoon off of the usual timetable to immerse themselves in the expectations, routines
and traditions of the school.
A presentation was given before students took part in role play on subjects such as bullying where they
gained an understanding of what is and isn’t considered bullying.
Adam Bishop, head of Year 7, 8 and 9, said: “With such a massively diverse group of students, we have a
range of view points coming in to school. We have students from Somalia and eastern Europe, as well as
those who have lived locally their whole lives. We want all students to realise we are an extremely open-
minded and inclusive school and that everybody should feel welcome and safe. We have a great community
spirit at Nightingale.
“Everyone knows they are included, but it’s about also making it clear there’s a certain expectation.”
The PSHE work is carried out with every year group at Nightingale.