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Erasmus trip to Turkey

posted 16 Nov 2017, 03:42 by Tim Williams   [ updated 16 Nov 2017, 03:42 ]
Business-minded students hit the streets of Turkey to brush up on their sales technique.
The team of eight Year 10 to 12 students from Nightingale Academy, in Edmonton, took the foreign trip as the next stage in Y2BE Erasmus.
The project exposes students to the world of work and enterprise, taking trips to the Netherlands, Romania, Alicante, Paris, Turkey, Slovenia and Poland before a finale at Nightingale in 2018. At each location, the project takes on a new theme to teach students how to become entrepreneurs.
In Turkey, they were put through their paces in sales. The latest leg of the project saw the team first present their finance plans after the summer trip to Poland on the theme, before they spent a week focusing on sales.
Avni Aliaj, head of languages and Erasmus organiser, said: “With sales, you just need to get out there and do it; it’s not something you can learn in a classroom. So, the students were sent out into the marketplace in Karaman where they had to haggle to get the best discount on apples. The teams were a mix of students from each of the seven countries taking part and so the language barrier meant they had to improvise to
communicate what they wanted to achieve.

“Another day, they were up at 6am to buy and sell Turkish bagels. They went onto the streets and into offices and schools to sell them in an area where English isn’t spoken by many. “They learnt so much in terms of the real life of a business person; what it takes to set up a business and the personal and practical skill set needed. What they have learnt on this trip about sales will also help them to sell themselves when it comes to university
and work. They have done so well; the confidence has been seeping out of them. “The aim of Erasmus is to produce a business plan which could be presented to a bank for investment in the product. The judges will take on the role of the banker at the final visit here in Edmonton.”
The team, which changes for each trip but returns to school to share what they have learned, also visited factories and attended a sales talk by an economics expert at Karaman university where they learnt about the emotion involved in buying and selling. The Nightingale product is a colour-changing gym top called HeatGale which shows which muscles are being exercised.
The next trip will be to Slovenia in March.