Children's University Graduation

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Around 35 Year 7 and 8 students recently took part in this year's Children's University Graduation. This is the fifth year Nightingale has attended and the event was a complete success. 
The graduation celebrates those students who have participated in the greatest amount of extra-curricular activity 2016/17. 

Our Y7 and 8s were taken on a tour of the University's facilities before lunch. 
Afterwards they got to take part in an enjoyable storytelling session with author and entertainer, Tony Dallas. Before receiving their awards, 6 of our students recited favourite poems. 
The organisers of the event commented on how well they had read. 

A huge thank you to Mr Ducker, Mr Bishop and Ms Stylianou who escorted the students through the ceremony. 
All our students were a credit to the Academy.

Race For The Line!

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Nightingale Will Be Outstanding!

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Year 7 Board Game Competition

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Students from Nightingale Academy competed against each other on Friday 31st March 2017 to see who could win the Year 7 board game competition. 

All the pupils were very competitive as each and every one of them enjoyed the experience and were highly motivated to claim the prize (box of chocolates). 
The games played were: Connect 4, Jenga, Draughts and Snakes & Ladders.

The winners where Lucy Macdonald in first place, Bisma Hussain in second place and Deniz Keser in third place.

A big thank you to Ms Stylianou for the enjoyable event.

Astounding A Level results for Nightingale Academy 2016

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Nightingale Academy's new motto of 'Only The Best Will Do' has certainly become a reality after it produced some fantastic  A level results this year.  Nightingale Academy, based in Edmonton and sponsored by AET, has seen its results rise significantly,  with the percentage of students achieving  A*- B grades at A level, including equivalences, hitting an amazing 78%.


Subject areas including Business Studies and ICT Level 3 achieved exceptionally well, with 63% and 66% of students respectively achieving an A* distinction grades. This has enabled all the students on these courses to take up their first choice university places.


But A level success has not only been restricted to the Sixth Form, with all the students who, having taken A level Turkish or Polish two years early, gaining an A grade.  This is in addition to a high number of Year 10 students who again gained A grades in their AS language exams.

Ann Palmer, the principal of Nightingale Academy, stated, 'This is an excellent testament to the hard work of the students and the commitment of staff, parents and governors to moving the academy towards Outstanding.   I am particularly pleased for students like Oraz Horjatova, who having achieved 2 A*, 1 A and 2 B's  at A level, can now move to her first choice place at Westminster University to study Law.  Well done to all of our sixth form students and we wish them the greatest success with their future ambitions.'

Year 11 Intervention Timetable

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Misunderstood Visit

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On Friday 29th January, Year 9 & 10 were visited by some exciting guests in a special assembly. The year groups involved were privileged to receive a performance by the band “Misunderstood.” The duo Stephan and Jeffery performed a number of songs for the students and then sat down to discuss the importance of online safety.

The students received some important tips to help them stay safe when on the internet:

Never giving out personal information

Never meeting strangers online

Safety on social network sites

Follow rules of your parents on the internet

Discussing cyber bullying and where to go for help. 

The afternoon was a great success and the students even got the opportunity to enter a dance competition. Four students entered and the winner with his stylish dance moves, was Muhammad in Year 9, Well done Muhammad great effort! Muhammad has won state of the art headphones which will be awarded to him in assembly very soon, so watch this space!

Everybody Active February Half Term

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Over February Half Term 2016 Enfield Council have produced a program of activities for students across the borough. if you are interested please click: for more information.

Changes to the school day from January 2016

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Erasmus+ Y2BE project begins, first stop sunny Alicante

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The Youth to Business Enterprise (Y2BE) teachers’ team was in action this half term in their first Transnational Meeting at our Spanish partner school, Instituto de Educación Secundaria Playa San Juan in Alicante. The project coordinators and school leaders of all 8 Y2BE partner schools got together for the first time to discuss and plan future events, international visits and other important activities, as part of this unique project. Nightingale Academy, as the co-ordinating school in this project, was represented by our Principal, Mrs Ann Palmer, the Y2BE General Co-ordinator, Mr Avni Aliaj and the project’s Operational Lead, Ms Nicola Hunt. During this meeting, which was characterised by a strong collaborative ethos, all partners agreed on the project’s Rule Book, the sharing of roles and responsibilities and agreed on a final schedule of all international visits for the next three years as follows:



Number of students

Number of staff



The Netherlands





Student Leadership

Suceava, Romania





Market Research

Alicante, Spain





Product design

Paris, France







Skołyszyn, Poland






Karaman, Turkey






Benedikt, Slovenia






London, UK





Grand Finale


What is this project about?

Nightingale Academy is the coordinating school of Y2BE project, a European Union funded Erasmus+ partnership of 8 schools from 8 European countries. All overseas visits and other activities will be paid for by this fund. Over 50 pupils will make the Nightingale Y2BE team, who will work together to devise and create a highly elaborated business plan, which will be designed to have an impact in the local community. This business plan will be completed step-by-step by smaller teams, according to the above schedule. At the end of the project, all partner schools will pitch their business plan to a panel of high profile businessmen acting as judges in a competitive, Dragon’s Den style event in London.

Getting involved

Mr Aliaj and Ms Hunt are currently recruiting Nightingale pupils from all year groups to fill the following positions in the Y2BE Nightingale team:

35 Team Members

1 Company Director

2 Deputy Directors

6 Team Leaders

6 Deputy Team Leaders


Being part of the Y2BE Nightingale team is a rare and spectacular learning opportunity, as well as a reward of the highest level. Apart from being able to attend at least one of the international visits above, you will receive expert training on a number of aspects of Business and Enterprise with a global dimension, thus gaining highly valued skills and knowledge on the subject. This will give a massive boost to your future career ambitions. The positions are open to all Nightingale students from any year group who:


  •  Can prove they are up for the challenge
  •  Can prove they can bring valuable skills to the team
  •  Have an impeccable record of behaviour and attitude to learning
  • Have a very good record of attendance and punctuality
  • Are highly motivated, good team players and have leadership skills
  • Are presentable, mature, responsible and have good communication skills
  • Want to be part of an extraordinary, potentially life-changing learning experience with long lasting impact in their future career and education.


If you think this is the challenge for you, write a letter of interest to Mr Aliaj, explaining why you think you should be part of the Y2BE Nightingale team.

Please note that current Year 11 pupils can also be part of the Y2BE Nightingale team, if they intend to continue studying at Nightingale Academy’s 6th Form from September 2016.

Mr Aliaj

Head of Modern Languages

International Co-ordinator

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