Metacognition Workbooks

In lessons we spend a lot of time asking students to practice exam questions. The process itself helps us check understanding and we can work on structure as we go. It’s a vital element in any exam preparation. With most of this time focusing on content checking, it is important we continually find time to get students practicing, and demonstrating, their thinking behind answers as well.

A simple approach is that of a metacognition workbook. The book itself includes many elements and supports each unit or topic. Within it is a sec
tion purely on exam questions. With a split page format, students are required to write down what they are thinki
ng about the question before they actually tackle it. What things are they focusing on? What do the various subject specific words mean? What examples might they need? What do they think they need to include if it’s a three marker? Getting this form of thinking and approach to questions in early is key. Having the time embedded into the curriculum (via homework, in lessons, in post exam lessons) over the key stage gets students thinking about how to think. It also gives us as teachers an insight into their process and allows us time to correct it if needed