Whether you are thinking about getting a job after leaving school or getting a part time role whilst completing your studies, it is important that you are aware of the legalities regarding your employment. You must be 16 or older and it is a good idea to speak to your parent/carer about your choice in employment and your career aspirations so they are aware of this.

School Leaver Employment
If you are aged between 16-18 years old, you must be aware of the requirements that your employer must meet for a young worker, to ensure that you work in age appropriate environments and you are kept safe. For more information on these rules, visit the Citizens Advice bureau website.

What kind of job role?
There are many websites on the internet which allow you to search vacancies. Before you start searching, it is a good idea to find out more information about job role so you know exactly what you would be applying for. At Nightingale Academy, we have purchased the license for our students to use eClips, which is a careers resource allowing individuals to explore a range of career interests, enabling them to make informed decisions. For those individuals who are not yet sure of the areas they would like to move into, there is also the facility to use the Career Wizard to generate possible areas of interest. You can log in using 
www.eclips-online.co.uk and see Miss Hunt for the password and a How-to-use guide.

Another example of a website which offers a similar service is the National Career Service, this also provides information on a variety of job roles. You can search by job title, or job family lists and each profile outlines the typical work involved, hours, income, entry requirements, training and skills needed for a typical position.

How to find jobs?
There are many websites on the internet which allow you to search vacancies. We have outlined several job sites which are aimed at School Leavers   
       http://www.thebigchoice.com/               https://www.schoolleaverjobs.co.uk/




It is also a good idea to visit the governments’ Universal Jobmatch or by looking at general job websites including Monster, Indeed or ReedYou could even visit your nearest Job centre. From Nightingale Academy, the nearest job centre is: 
    Edmonton Job centre
    112-116 Fore Street
    N18 2XA

The Enfield Careers Service also offers support for young people aged 13-19 or for those with learning difficulties/disabilities, the support is extended to aged 25. Please see their website for more details.

Most jobs require for you to submit a CV to apply for a position. A CV (Curriculum Vitae) is an opportunity for to promote yourself and to write information that a potential employer will find useful.  There is a lot of advice on the internet and in books regarding writing your CV. We have a range of CV guidance books in the LRC to help you create you CV. There is also an example CV which shows you how to structure a CV. There are many different ways you can set your CV, including a Chronological Order CV or a Skills Based CV.

The items below are not exhaustive and are a suggestion of what to include in your CV.

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