Exam scripts/papers/booklets


Exam scripts/papers/booklets

What to do:

How many times have you heard the question...
Sir/Miss is this the real exam?
Will this count towards our final mark?

Surely, students should know the answers to these questions! Surely, they should also know EXACTLY what their exam papers are asking them to do.

So, try this. Get an original past paper, preferably last years.
Annotate it. 

  • Write on it, what each part of the instructions/information means. 
  • Explain to them which questions are which assessment objective.
  • Highlight and circle the marks that the answers required.
  • Remove the usual misconceptions.
  • Break down the times for them, work it out for them, is it a minute a mark, 25 minutes per section.
  • Write the grade boundaries on the paper.
  • Explain/write/state what the examiners report felt was crucial to achieve a top mark
  • Write important mark scheme references/page numbers.


Get them to create their own examination papers, with typical/expected questions. Check they know the key details. Questioning structures, marks and so on?

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