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GCSE Sociology

Level 2 (1-9)

What will I learn?

Unit 1 Education and Family

Unit 2 Crime, deviance and social inequality




 Students will be able to:

 describe and explain, at a basic level, the present structure of the education system, and have an understanding of related debates such as those about faith schools, testing, special needs, and alternative forms of educational provision

describe and explain, at a basic level, variations in educational achievement in terms of class, gender and ethnicity.



 Students will be able to:

 define ‘family’ and to explain the presence of diverse forms of the family in Britain today:


  • describe and explain role and authority relationships, e.g. between men and women, parent(s) and children, members of the wider family, describe changes in these relationships, and relate them to the factors influencing such changes


  • describe and explain changes in the patterns of fertility and expectations of life and be aware of their significance for individuals, family and society generally

Crime and Deviance

Students will be able to:

  • distinguish the concepts of crime and deviance
  • describe the ways in which individuals are encouraged to conform to social rules both formal and informal.


Social Inequality

Students will be able to

describe and use appropriately the major concepts involved in the analysis of stratification, including class, status and life chances

• Identify and describe forms of stratification based on class, gender, ethnicity, age and religion

describe and explain the ways in which life chances are influenced by differences in wealth, income, power and status; and describe and explain the relationship between such inequalities and social factors such as class, gender and ethnicity.

How Will I Learn?

Studying sociology helps you build a picture of the society in which we live. You have to become skilled at asking question and doing research. You have to develop an understanding of how society works. You will learn how the sociological theories explain crime and inequality.


How Will I Be Assessed?

The AQA GCSE (9–1) in sociology consists of two external exams of 1 hour and 1.30 minutes each.


Where Might It Lead?

Sociology is excellent training for any career where you have to analyse and evaluate situations. Students who take sociology are not limited in career choice.  There are so many careers that require the skills that a study of Sociology can bring; law, social work, politics, journalism. In fact now most university courses have a module on sociology.