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GCSE Maths Revision


Common marking codes for teachers   

  Marking codes

2D shapes: names   Video 1      Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

2D shapes: quadrilaterals   Video 2      Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

3D shapes: names   Video 3      Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

3D shapes: nets    Video 4      Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

3D shapes: vertices, edges, faces   Video 5    Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Addition: column method   Video 6      Practice Questions      Textbook Exercise

Algebra: changing the subject    Video 7      Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

Algebra: changing the subject advanced    Video 8      Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

Algebra: collecting like terms     Video 9      Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Algebra: completing the square     Video 10      Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

Algebra: dividing terms     Video 11      Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

Algebra: equation of a circle     Video 12     Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

Algebra: expanding brackets   Video 13      Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

Algebra: expanding two brackets   Video 14      Practice Questions      Textbook Exercise

Algebra: expanding three brackets   Video 15      Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

Algebra: expressions – forming     Video 16     Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

Algebra: indices     Video 17     Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

Algebra: multiplying terms     Video 18     Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

Algebra: notation     Video 19     Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Algebra: substitution    Video 20     Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

Algebraic fractions: addition    Video 21     Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Algebraic fractions: division   Video 22     Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Algebraic fractions: multiplication   Video 23     Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Algebraic fractions: simplification   Video 24     Practice Questions

Angles: parallel lines     Video 25    Practice Questions

Angles: bearings     Video 26      Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

Angles: given bearings from two points   Video 27    Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Angles: drawing     Video 28      Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

Angles: estimation     Video 29     Practice Questions

Angles: full circle (at a point)   Video 30    Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Angles: measuring     Video 31       Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Angles: polygons    Video 32      Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Angles: quadrilaterals and special quadrilaterals     Video 33    Practice Questions

Angles: right angle   Video 34    Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

Angles: straight line   Video 35    Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

Angles: tessellations    Video 36      Practice Questions

Angles: triangle    Video 37    Practice Questions

Angles: types of   Video 38      Practice Questions      Textbook Exercise

Angles: vertically opposites     Video 39    Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

Area: circles    Video 40      Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Area: compound shapes    Video 41     Practice Questions

Area: hexagon     Video 41a     Practice Questions

Area: L – shape     Video 42      Practice Questions

Area: on a grid     Video 43     Practice Questions

Area: parallelogram   Video 44      Practice Questions

Area: rectangle   Video 45     Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Area: sector    Video 46      Practice Questions

Area: semi-circle    Video 47      Practice Questions

Area: trapezium    Video 48      Practice Questions

Area: triangle   Video 49      Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

Averages: median    Video 50      Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise



Averages: median from frequency table     Video 51     Practice Questions

Averages: median from grouped data (interpolation)   Video 52     Practice Questions

Averages: mean    Video 53      Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Averages: mean from a frequency table   Video 54     Practice Questions

Averages: mean (estimated from grouped data)   Video 55      Practice Questions

Averages: mode    Video 56      Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

Averages: range    Video 57      Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

Circles: arc length     Video 58    Practice Questions

Circles: area    Video 59      Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Circles: circumference   Video 60     Practice Questions

Circles: parts   Video 61      Practice Questions

Circles: perimeter of a semi-circle   Video 62     Practice Questions

Circles: segment area     Video 63      Practice Questions

Circle theorems – theorems   Video 64     Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Circle theorems – examples   Video 65     Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Circle theorems proof: right angle in a semi-circle    Video 65a     Practice Questions

Circle theorems proof: angles at circumference and centre    Video 65b     Practice Questions

Circle theorems proof: angles in the same segment    Video 65c     Practice Questions

Circle theorems proof: cyclic quadrilaterals    Video 65d     Practice Questions

Circle theorems proof: alternate segment theorem   Video 65e     Practice Questions

Circle theorems proof: radius and tangent proof    Video 65f     Practice Questions

Congruent shapes   Video 66     Practice Questions

Congruent triangles     Video 67     Practice Questions

Constructions: 30 degree angle     Video 68      Practice Questions

Constructions: 45 degree angle     Video 69      Practice Questions

Constructions: 60 degree angle   Video 70      Practice Questions

Constructions: 90 degree angle     Video 71      Practice Questions

Constructions: angle bisector     Video 72     Practice Questions      Textbook Exercise

Constructions: equilateral triangles   Video 73      Practice Questions

Constructions: hexagon inside a circle     Video 74      Practice Questions

Constructions: loci part 1      Video 75      Practice Questions

Constructions: loci part 2     Video 76       Practice Questions

Constructions: loci part 3     Video 77      Practice Questions

Constructions: perpendicular bisector   Video 78      Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

Constructions: perpendicular to a point    Video 79      Practice Questions

Constructions: perpendicular through a point on a line     Video 80      Practice Questions

Constructions: triangles ASA     Video 81     Practice Questions

Constructions: triangles SAS     Video 82     Practice Questions

Constructions: triangles SSS     Video 83     Practice Questions

Coordinates     Video 84      Practice Questions

Coordinates: shapes on a grid     Video 85       Practice Questions

Coordinates: 3D     Video 86     Practice Questions

Coordinates: finding midpoint of a line     Video 87       Practice Questions

Coordinates: finding the distance between two points     Video 88     Practice Questions

Data handling cycle     Video 89     Practice Questions

Decimals: addition     Video 90     Practice Questions

Decimals: subtraction     Video 91    Practice Questions

Decimals: division by decimals   Video 92     Practice Questions

Decimals: dividing decimals by whole numbers    Video 93     Practice Questions

Decimals: multiplying   Video 94     Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Decimals: ordering    Video 95      Practice Questions

Decimals: converting recurring decimals to fractions     Video 96     Practice Questions

Dimensional analysis     Video 97     Practice Questions

Division: short division   Video 98     Practice Questions

Division by 10, 100, 1000 etc     Video 99     Practice Questions

Division by powers of 10     Video 100     Practice Questions



Division: by decimals   Video 101     Practice Questions

Division: dividing decimals by whole numbers    Video 102     Practice Questions

Division: remainders   Video 103      Practice Questions

Enlargements   Video 104     Practice Questions

Enlargements: describing     Video 105     Practice Questions

Enlargements: finding centre of enlargement     Video 106     Practice Questions

Enlargements: fractional scale factor (less than 1)     Video 107     Practice Questions

Enlargements: negative scale factor     Video 108     Practice Questions

Enlargements: ray method     Video 109      Practice Questions

Equations: solving   Video 110      Practice Questions

Equations: solving fractional      Video 111     Practice Questions

Equations: solving fractional advanced     Video 111a     Practice Questions

Equations: cross multiplication     Video 112     Practice Questions

Equations: letters both sides   Video 113     Practice Questions

Equations: angles and perimeter     Video 114      Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

Equations: forming     Video 115      Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Equations: trial and improvement     Video 116      Practice Questions     Textbook Exercise

Factorisation   Video 117     Practice Questions

Factorisation: quadratics   Video 118     Practice Questions

Factorisation: quadratics harder   Video 119     Practice Questions

Factorisation: difference between two squares   Video 120     Practice Questions

FDP: percentages to decimals   Video 121      Practice Questions

FDP: percentages to fractions    Video 122    Practice Questions

FDP: decimals to fractions    Video 123      Practice Questions

FDP: decimals to fractions (calc)    Video 124     Practice Questions

FDP: decimals to percentages   Video 125      Practice Questions

FDP: fractions to percentages     Video 126     Practice Questions

FDP: fractions to decimals   Video 127     Practice Questions

FDP: fractions to decimals (calc)   Video 128     Practice Questions

FDP: key equivalents     Video 129     Practice Questions

FDP: mixture   Video 130     Practice Questions

FDP: ordering      Video 131     Practice Questions

Fractions: addition (same denominator)    Video 132     Practice Questions

Fractions: addition (different denominator)   Video 133      Practice Questions

Fractions: division   Video 134     Practice Questions

Fractions: equivalent   Video 135     Practice Questions

Fractions: expressing as   Video 136     Practice Questions

Fractions: fraction of an amount    Video 137     Practice Questions

Fractions: find original given a fraction of an amount    Video 138     Practice Questions

Fractions: improper fractions to mixed numbers   Video 139     Practice Questions

Fractions: mixed numbers to improper fractions   Video 140     Practice Questions

Fractions: increase and decrease by a fraction   Video 141     Practice Questions

Fractions: multiplication   Video 142      Practice Questions

Fractions: of shapes    Video 143     Practice Questions

Fractions: ordering    Video 144     Practice Questions

Fractions: reciprocal   Video 145     Practice Questions