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A Level Sociology

Exam Board: Edexcel

Level of study: Level 3

Length of course: 1 year

Entry requirements: General vocational entry requirement plus minimum grade C  in Science

 What will you study?

Students will complete two assessed units at AS Level or three at A-Level, all of which will be assessed through  examinations. The purpose of all units is to develop an understating of society considering  theory, research and through critical debate.


Assessment 1: Education with Research Methods (50% of AS Level):

Assessment 2: Culture and Identity (50% of AS Level):

Assessment 3: Education with Research Methods (33% of A-Level)

Assessment 4: Family and Household and the Media (TBC) (33% of A-Level)

Assessment 5: Crime and Deviance (33% of A-Level)

Where can Sociology  lead you? Sociology develops of a number of key skills including: how to develop coherent and well structured  arguments; how to apply different theories to given situations; how to assemble data and   assess it; how to investigate, select and employ  facts and how to convey your point of view fluently.

Students who take Sociology often also take History or Psychology. Sociology also supports other specialist  subjects, like English Language/Literature, Government & Politics and philosophy and can move into most  professional fields.