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A Level Psychology

Exam Board: AQA

Level of study: Level 3

Length of course: 2 years

Entry requirements: General entry requirement plus minimum grade B or better in Core or Applied   Science and 7 in Mathematics.

 What will you study?

Unit 1: Social Psychology

· Obedience

· Prejudice

Unit 2:  Cognitive & Psychology

Unit 3: Biological & Psychology

Unit 4: Learning & Theories

Unit 5: Clinical & Psychology

Unit 6: Criminological & Psychology

Unit 7: Child Psychology

Unit 8: health Psychology


What can you do with the qualification? Students who study A Level Psychology usually go to university to study Psychology with the intention to go on to become Psychologists. The A level can also be used by students to go on and study subjects other than Psychology at university.  It is particularly useful for subjects like Criminology, Sociology, History, Science and Business-related degrees, as well as more diverse professions such as social work, the probation service, youth offending and nursing and medicine