Senior Leadership Team

(From left to right) 
P. O'DonnellAssistant Vice Principal, L. Canty - Senior Lead for Attendance & Behaviour, S. McRoberts - Vice Principal
A. Palmer -  Principal, A. Scott - Associate Senior Leader, A. Ikumelo Assistant Vice Principal
S. Alam - School Business Director, A. Laing - Assistant Vice Principal

Directors of Learning

(From left to right)
A. McKay - Key Stage 4 Coordinator, A. Bishop - Key Stage 3 Coordinator, N. Hunt - Pastoral Lead for Year 12 & 13

Directors of Faculty
Mr O'Brien - English & Communications
Mr Scott - Mathematics
Ms Imran - Science & Technology
Ms Gwaki - Environmental, Social & Digital
Ms Marsden - Creative Physical Arts

Heads of Department

Mr O'Brien - Head of English
Mr Scott - Head of Maths
Ms Imran - Head of Science
Mr Ahmed - Head of IT
Ms Williams - Head of PE
Mr Owusu - Head of Art
Mr Williams - Head of Behaviour Intervention

Child Protection Team

Ms Ikumelo - Safeguarding Lead
Ms Russell - Child Protection Administrator


Ms Ikumelo - SEND Coordinator
Ms Russell - Inclusion Administrator