Academy Responsibilities

At Nightingale Academy, we have a responsibility to our students, parents and community. We operate a Home School agreement which is given to parents at the time of the admissions process. This document is signed by the student, parent/carer and the initial member of staff.

The Academy's responsibilities are outlined below:

Regularly set and mark homework

Inform you of your child's academic progress

Deliver lessons that are inspiring and challenging

Follow the academy's policy for attendance and behaviour

Care for your child's safety and well-being Help your child do their best

Contact you to discuss any issues affecting your child's work and/or behaviour 

Encourage good attendance and behaviour and reward your child when appropriate. 

For more information on the responsibilities of students and parents, please click on the 'Students' and 'Parents' buttons which are located in the top header of the website. To see the Home School Agreement, click here.